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Unedited FORUM for Langford Canoe Owners to share their thoughts and experiences. Langford invites all parties to join the FORUM. Langford Canoe encourages honest constructive critism. Langford is working hard to further develop products to make them even better, and the feedback from customers lends a helping hand in that quest. If you own or have paddled a Langford Canoe then please take a minute to add your commentary to the FORUM. All comments are very much appreciated.
Symmetrical - Prospector
The prospector design is the "most traditional" of all the Langford canoes built. This hull is a refined version of the classic historical model of the canoes used to initially invade the Canadian terrain. The Prospector comes in three different lengths.
Asymmetrical - Muskoka, Nahanni, Northwind
The Langford asymmetrical canoes are a marvel of hull design. The canoe is shaped with an elongated front half. The performance of the asymmetrical canoe hull is unmatched in high wind and large waves.
Cedar / Cedar Canvas - B.C. Cedar & Red Cedar
Langford has been perfecting the cedar canoe since 1940. Langford now builds the world's best cedar canoe. Roughly 2/3 of the Langford cedar canoes sold are never going to be paddled. People now buy the cedar canoes for displays in palacial cottages, out-door themed store displays, or to be hung on museum walls. Langford does encourage owners to paddle the cedar canoes, they are in fact meant to be paddled and used, and just happen to double as art.
Customer Service & Warranty Comments
Langford works hard to make sure that you are happy with the product for many years to come. This means building a canoe that will go the distance and having a warrantee program that backs the claim to be able to do so. Customer service at Langford Canoe is the most important aspect of our business. We strive to spread smiles and happiness and sincerely hope you have positive responses with respect to the treatment you've experieneced to date.
Langford Canoe - Questions & Answers
Langford Canoe has some staff who are "over-qualified" in terms of canoe knowledge. These staff are very happy to have any opportunity to demonstrate this copious knowledge. Have a "canoe question", ... Ask away, ...
Dealer Comments - Are we well represented?
Langford Canoe has authorized many new dealers and is still expanding. The geographical reach of having dealers allows the Langford Canoe product to be placed closer to consumers in regions that otherwise may not be accessable. It is important to Langford that the company and product be well represented. We encourage all commentary with respect to our dealers.
Langford Canoe Ownership Registry
Langford has traditionally sold roughly 80% of the Langford Canoes to customers who come to the factory outlet, buy the canoe, and then drive away. As so few of the Langford's are ever seen again, attributed to the durability of Langford Canoes, the company has no clue where these canoes have all ended up. Langford would love to know where all these canoes actually go ...
Historic Langford Canoe Registry
Langford Canoe is Canada's Oldest Canoe Company. Over the years the company has built countless canoes. It would be interesting to know how many of the classic Langfords are still in useable condition, and where those canoes are today.